Quick Info in iDempiere

The Quick Info is possibly one of the best features in iDempiere.

It can be used in many ways without writing a single line of code. It gives you flexibility, context and extra information without having to navigate away from the record you’re working on.

It was first introduced in iDempiere 2.1 and has evolved since then into one of the most powerful tools in the system. You can use it, for example:

  • See a list of previously ordered products by a business partner, and set a link on the products to navigate to their corresponding records.
  • Create more complex elements, such as graphics, charts or images.
  • Add HTML elements to create a visual representation of anything you want, for instance, a progress bar.

Do you use the quick info in a way we haven’t shown? Let us know in the comments. Your idea could be the perfect match for many people.

You can learn more about how to configure Quick Info widgets here.