Sponsoring developers

Active Paypal Donors (sponsored within last three months)

Evgeny Barg – Palich LLC – Moscow

Hideaki Hagiwara – OSS ERP Solutions – Japan

Chuck Boecking – USA

Murilo H. Torquato – devCoffee – Brasil

Norbert Bede – cloudempiere – Slovakia

Fernando Saavedra – Comus – Ecuador

Marco Longo – iDempiere consulting srl – Italy

Bret Stern – Machine Management – USA

Cap Barthodia team – France

Adam Sawtell – Flamingo logic – Australia

Gaurav Sontakke – S-Pieretech – Bahrain

T.G.I. – Techniques Gestion Informatique – France

Carlo Morizio – ERP Open Source Italia – Italy

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Infrastructure sponsors

Oracle test server

Action 42

Test and jenkins servers


Mattermost and wiki servers


WordPress server

iDempiere consulting srl

JIRA OnDemand


Git repository


Inactive Paypal Donors (sponsored within last year)