Extend your iDempiere experience with 100+ available plugins.

Plugins probably are the best evidence of iDempiere’s both state-of-the-art technology and truly open nature: 

  • Plugins complement iDempiere’s core by adding new functionality without interrupting another. 
  • Plugins are developed by teams and enthusiasts within the iDempiere community and contributed to the project by them for everybody’s benefit.

iDempiere plugins span through a huge array of functionalities, big and small, for use in a wide variety of industries – manufacturing, distribution, service or retail.

Whether you need MRP or TOC Buffer Management as a systematic approach in material planning for your enterprise or you just want your iDempiere to have a special, colorful look, – you are covered. 

There are plugins that introduce Kanban visual management in routine document processing or give you a number of tools to capitalize on online mapping. Others offer you mobile POS functionality or payroll processing granularity you need. 

Besides, some plug-ins localize important aspects of your iDempiere to fit specific business requirements of a certain country.

Check the list of available plugins by yourself and try them. As always, your feedback is highly appreciated and we encourage you to review the plug-ins on forums to let the community know how good they are or how they could be improved.

Add your plugin

If you have developed a plugin, share it with the world and gain reputation among the community. Follow three simple steps: read through the plug-in guidelines, create a wiki page describing its functionality and add it to the plug-in directory.

Create a plugin

Adding functionality to iDempiere has never been easier. Read through the series of Plugin Development Tutorials to learn all about iDempiere plug-in development.

Join efforts

Do you have an idea for a plug-in but don’t know how to start? Would you like to work together with members in the community? Add your idea to the let’s join efforts wall and work hand by hand with community members around the world.