iDempiere Hero of the Month – April 2022

iDempiere enthusiasts share many examples of how iDempiere changed people’s lives for the better. Here we present to you our hero of the month for his contributions during the month of April.

Peter Takács is a new contributor who started with a great pace. He is part of the Cloudempiere team, a company led by Norbert Bede and part of our top makers. During April, actually, during 2022, he has contributed several improvements to iDempiere’s core, and that is why the community chose him as the hero of the month.

Peter Takács


Java Developer
Bratislava, Slovakia

How did you get into programming?

I got into programming at middle school, around the age of 17. I always liked to create various things on the computer – from making easy websites with free editors to designing my own board games. I loved the fact that with programming I can tell the computer exactly, how it should behave and create amazing things. 

How and why did you get involved with iDempiere?

I was first introduced to iDempiere, when I started my current job at Cloudempiere in October 2021. It is my first job as a programmer, and I didn´t regret it.

What else would you like to say?

I would like to thank Norbert Bede, Jana Bedeová and Igor Pojzl from Cloudempiere for the time and effort they are putting into me, to make constant progress, and also to Carlos Ruiz and Heng Sin from the community for their code reviews. I have already learned a lot from them all.