iDempiere will be open forever. You will never experience the bitterness of vendor lock-ins


Professionals from different fields and countries make iDempiere better every day

High Quality

State of the art technology right at the heart of iDempiere. Java, ZK, OSGi, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Maven.

Founded in 2011 iDempiere is a powerful, Tier II, open-source ERP/CRM/SCM system supported by a skilful community. The project focuses on high-quality software, a philosophy of openness and its collaborative community that includes subject matter specialists, implementors, developers and end-users.

Why iDempiere

  • It is easy to install.
  • It runs on a small server.
  • It scales to hundreds of users.
  • It uses dominant and commonly available technologies.
  • It features an enterprise quality accounting system.
  • It supports multiple entities (sets of books) inside a single login.
  • It is commonly used around the world.
  • It is supported by a large community.

iDempiere in the Real World

Serious software with no licensing cost used worldwide

Active and thriving community

What’s new?

You don’t have to be an “expert-level iDempiere user” to find yourself in a situation, where you must pick an
iDempiere can show data to users without actually storing these values in the database.  A developer has the option of
This happened to our team last week. If you're an iDempiere developer, maybe it has happened to you as well.
iDempiere enthusiasts share many examples of how iDempiere changed people’s lives for the better. Here we present to you our
A distribution company in Scotland. A beverage dealer in Germany. A media/telecommunications firm in the USA. A health care provider

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iDempiere is powered by a strong and supportive open-source community.