Try iDempiere

Do you want to quickly see how iDempiere works and play with it? These servers are available for you to test different iDempiere versions immediately without the need of setting up anything. If you want to install the free open-source iDempiere software, try our Download section to walk you through installing iDempiere on your own server.


These servers are not secured, they are completely isolated servers with no sensitive data.

Giving you access to an advanced role (on any installation) is basically the same as giving you access to the operating system’s user on the machine installed (that’s why it is never recommended to install it as root).

If you want to hack them – please do it gently and please let us know if you find any security holes.

Please note, we consider security holes bad things you can do without a user, or using the “GardenWorld Admin Not Advanced” role, getting access with an advanced role is not a hole as it is intended to allow that.

* All of our test servers are deployed continuously, so you can have a real experience of the most updated version available thanks to our Jenkins system.