Status Line as Dashboard Widget

As a business in operation, we can easily be buried under tons of information coming from all directions. What we need are business insights. This feature allows us to highlight the most valuable and/or actionable pieces of information directly in the user’s interface, making it readily accessible for every user.


This feature allows users to define and display dashboard content using status lines in iDempiere. This can be done by creating a custom HTML through system messages and SQL statements, additionally, with dashboards the users can:

  • Create dynamic and informative dashboards without the need for coding.
  • Enable real-time monitoring of key metrics, such as today’s revenue.
  • Provide a visual and interactive representation of important data, allowing users to quickly gain insights and make informed decisions, thereby enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

Step-by-step guide on how to configure

  1. Configure a status line record:
    • Log in as a System administrator.
    • Open the Status Line window.
    • Create a new Message. It can contain HTML for a nicer formatting.
    • Add the corresponding SQL Statement.
  2. Configure the dashboard widget:
    • Log in as the tenant you want to show the indicator on.
    • Open the Dashboard Content window.
    • Create a new record.
    • Give a meaningful name.
    • Set the status line created above in the Status Line field.
    • Set the column where the widget should be displayed.
    • Set the Line No.
    • Log out and log back in

You can find an example of the configuration in the test server.

Practical Applications

These are just some examples of metrics that can be measured using status lines in dashboards. You can see some examples on the demo servers.

  • YTD-Sales
  • Total Sales
  • Number of Orders (total or per period)
  • Number of Customers (total or per period)
  • New Customers in the Last Month
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Manufacturing Orders. %% of Produced vs Orders (planned vs. actual)


Incorporating the Status Line as a Dashboard Widget feature in your iDempiere offers significant benefits for businesses by providing a powerful tool for real-time monitoring and visualization of key metrics. This feature allows users to create dynamic dashboards without coding, ensuring that the most valuable and actionable information is easily accessible. By transforming raw data into insightful visual representations, this feature enhances decision-making, productivity, and efficiency. Leverage this hidden gem in iDempiere to stay ahead in your operations and make informed business decisions.

For more details, visit the technical documentation here.

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