iDempiere’s Financial Reports and the Power of Community Support

In line with our commitment to transparency and openness, we have published our first financial report. Moving forward, we will regularly share updates to provide insight into our financials.

Who We Are

We are a truly community-driven open-source project that does not rely on partnerships or memberships of any kind but thrives on the strength of its community.

Why We Are Different

Our goal is to remain open and free forever. No freemium open-source, no membership programs, no pay-to-belong schemes, and no payment for VIP support or hidden features.

How iDempiere Exists

iDempiere exists thanks to the amazing support and effort of the Core team and the community in general. We depend entirely on people’s goodwill, your willingness to contribute, and donations.

When you donate you help us ensure that the project can be sustainable in the long term without the need for venture capital. It ensures that the Core team can dedicate time and effort to improving the project, keeping it stable, and evolving.

Your Support Matters

Your support is crucial in sustaining iDempiere’s mission. We invite you to contribute to our project’s longevity by making a donation today. Together, we can keep iDempiere open, free, and thriving for years to come.