August 2021 in iDempiere – What’s new in the project?

August 2021 was a great month in the iDempiere project! There were many contributions from our supportive community.

This month had active participation from the community, new code contributions, bug reporting, testing, community meetings, donors. A new community member is in charge of maintaining the swing client.

For a complete list and suggest contributions you can refer to this spreadsheet. There you can see the contributions of each month and suggest ones that we might have missed.

What’s new in the software?

  • UX Improvements
    • Allow empty password when using OAuth2
    • Status update should only be shown on its own tab
    • Improvement to the layout of the info Windows
    • Improvements to Preference Popup
    • Header mobile not showing menu and searchbox when username is too long
  • Technical Improvements
  • Security improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance Improvements

To read the complete changelog in the stable version, check out this page.

What’s new in the community?

  • Eight donors sent money to the project to support it financially, from which two are new montly contributors. Every donation is really important to ensure the project’s sustainability. You can also become a sponsor here.
  • New donation image contributed by Vanessa Castro
  • Two new plug-ins: Kafka plug-in for iDempiere


Core contributions

  • Alara123
  • Armen Hovhannisyan
  • Deepak Pansheriya
  • Diego Ruiz
  • Igor Pojzl
  • lHeidbreder
  • Martin Schönbeck
  • Nicolas Micoud

Forum and Mattermost support

  • Andres Lopez
  • Azzam Othman
  • DIrk Niemeyer
  • Eduardo Gil
  • Gustavo A. Guerra
  • Jesus Castillo
  • Johand Henriques
  • Luis Amesty
  • Marco Longo
  • Nicolas Micoud
  • Orlando Curieles
  • Subara
  • Solutions Ocean
  • Xin Wang

Content contributions

  • Vanessa Castro
  • Diego Ruiz

Money donors

  • Eugene Barg – Palich LLC
  • Hideaki Hagiwara
  • Chuck Boecking
  • Murilo Habermann – DevCoffee
  • Marco Longo – iDempiere Consulting srl
  • Fernando Saavedra –
  • Bret Stern – Machine management
  • Adam Sawtell – Flamingo logic

Suggesting new features, reporting bugs, and testing

  • Angel Lara
  • Anton Mostovenko
  • Armen Hovhannisyan
  • Deepak Pansheriya
  • Diego Ruiz
  • Hideaki Hagiwara
  • Kelvin Wu
  • Nicolas Micoud
  • Niraj Joshi
  • Norbert Bede
  • PatricG
  • Patric
  • Rafael Ramirez
  • Xin Wang

Wiki contribution (Documentation)

  • Diego Ruiz
  • Dorithur
  • Martin Schönbeck
  • Soundbytes
  • Yogan Naidoo

Dev Ops

  • Carlos Ruiz
  • Marco Longo
  • Murilo H. Torquoato

Marketing Committee Participation

  • Carlos Ruiz
  • Chuck Boecking
  • Diego Ruiz
  • Eugene Barg

Carlos Ruiz and Heng Sin Low were outstanding, as usual, this month, and here is an overview of their effort:

Heng Sin Low

  • Implement solving indirect context
  • Improvements to Preference Popup
  • Implement DocStatus/DocAction for Project Issue
  • Replace iText PDF with OpenPDF
  • Upgrade html2canvas to 1.3.1
  • statusupdate should only be shown on its own tab
  • Error creating report after zoom across
  • Quick Entry when Field can not zoom to 2 different windows
  • Add custom query clause support to report parameter
  • Report: print product instance attribute name and values
  • JIRA participation
  • Tickets peer review.
  • Wiki documentation
  • Support
  • Marketing committee participation

Carlos Ruiz

  • Implement ability to discover operating system environment variables when parsing context (FHCA-3026)
  • implement OAuth2 for mail (gmail, outlook and other mail system) / add context discovery to AD_AuthorizationCredential.AuthorizationRedirectURL
  • Header mobile not showing menu and searchbox when username is too long
  • Encrypt passwords on properties files (FHCA-1982)
  • Silent fail when translated column is shorter than original column (FHCA-2888)
  • Cannot use simple auth after used OAuth (FHCA-2014)
  • Implement DocStatus/DocAction for Project Issue
  • isTranslated is not set Yes on new Record default
  • Allow empty password when using OAuth2 – refactor to allow sending email without AD_User (FHCA-2892)
  • Performance – Discover of UUID column not cached in PO
  • Not unique in the ID space of … breadcrumb with same name tabs (FHEG-8847)
  • Improvement to the layout of the info Windows
  • : Record migration scripts with Dictionnary EntityType
  • Wiki documentation
  • Tickets Peer Review
  • Support
  • Test servers maintenance

Do you think you should have been added to this list? Please tell us why on the marketing forums or Mattermost channel. Want to be included in the next “Month in iDempiere” post? Get involved with the project.