January 2021 in iDempiere – What’s new in the project?

January 2021 was a great month in the iDempiere project! It was a great start of the year, with new contributors. There were many contributions from our supportive community.

The year started with active participation from the community, new donors, new plug-ins, many code contributions, bug reporting, testing, community meetings, a recap video from 2020, etc. A great way to start the year to make the project better every day.

For a complete list and suggest contributions you can refer to this spreadsheet. There you can see the contributions of each month and suggest ones that we might have missed.

What’s new in the software?

  • UX Improvements
    • Improve layout of Find Dialog
    • Allow default value on InfoWindows
  • Functional Improvements
    • Vendor Lead
    • Added 4 countries, 1 currency and update names/descriptions for countries
  • Technical Improvements
    • Improve the StatusBar Menupopup to render HTML text
    • Remove obsolete interfaces
    • Replace dependency to sun.security.tools.keytool with Bouncy Castle
    • Reimplement Read Replica PreparedStatement using dynamic proxy
    • DisplayLogic in process parameters now accepts @Value_ID.ForeignColumn@ notation
  • Two new community plug-ins
  • Security improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance Improvements

What’s new in the community?

  • One new amazing testimonial from Eugene Barg and U Palicha, don’t forget to read about How To Power Loyalty Of 500k Retail Customers By Free Open Source iDempiere CRM.
  • One amazing 2020 recap video, highlighting the major events in the community last year. Check it out!
  • Nine community sponsors sent money to the project to support it. Every donation is really important to ensure the project sustainability. You can also become a sponsor here.
  • Weekly community meetings. Meetings for and by the community to discuss different topics, everyone is welcome to participate and suggest topics for future agendas. Join us every friday in the #meeting Mattermost channel.


Core contributions

  • Andreas Sumerauer
  • Deepak Pansheriya
  • Diego Ruiz
  • Elaine Tan
  • Hideaki Hagiwara
  • Hiep LeQuy
  • Igor Pojzl
  • Nicolas Micoud

Forum and Mattermost support

  • Andres Lopez
  • Anozi Mada
  • Carlos Ruiz
  • Diego Ruiz
  • Frank Wolff
  • Gaurav dilip sontakke
  • Heng Sin
  • Hiep
  • Jesus Castillo
  • Johannes Gubo
  • Martin
  • Marco Longo
  • Nicolas Micoud
  • Norbert Bede
  • Orlando Curieles
  • Ricardo Santana
  • Solutions Ocean
  • Pieter

Content contributions

Money donors

  • Eugene Barg – Palich LLC
  • Surya Sentosa – Kosta Consulting
  • Hideaki Hagiwara
  • Chuck Boecking
  • Murilo Habermann – DevCofee
  • Marco Longo – iDempiere consulting srl
  • Phil Barnett – Blindmotion
  • Fernando Saavedra – www.comus.com.ec
  • Rony George

Suggesting new features, reporting bugs, and testing

  • Allan Dimasuay
  • Andreas Sumerauer
  • Deepak Pansheriya
  • Dirk Niemeyer
  • Diego Ruiz
  • Elaine Tan
  • Hideaki Hagiwara
  • Hiep LeQuy
  • Martin Schönbeck
  • Norbert Bede
  • Nicolas Micoud
  • Thomas Bayen

Community Plug-ins

Wiki contribution (Documentation)

  • Deepak Pansheriya
  • Diego Ruiz
  • Hideaki Hagiwara
  • Luis Amesty
  • Marco Longo
  • Martin Schönbeck
  • Nicolas Micoud
  • Sieg02
  • Soundbytes

Marketing Committee Participation

  • Carlos Ruiz
  • Chuck Boecking
  • Diego Ruiz
  • Eugene Barg

Carlos Ruiz and Heng Sin Low were outstanding, as usual, this month and here is an overview of their effort:

Heng Sin Low

  • Browser hangs after restarting iDempiere or refreshing…
  • Sales Order After Receipt Delivery Rule is not working
  • Some problems of sort at window before save
  • MStorageOnHand and MStorageReservation api improvements
  • Close is an invalid Document Action for Draft, Invalid and In Progress Order
  • Project can not be printed using template print format
  • Improve timeout handling of window tab
  • Implement configurable query timeout for info window
  • Remove Eclipse warnings
  • Max records for Search autocomplete list should be configurable
  • Constant definition for all Env Context
  • Model Generator launch configuration broken
  • Login Page refresh cause error message, randomly when slow db response
  • Info Window Columns has no Value preference
  • Error message when opening FindWindow in Invoice(Custo…
  • Fix OSGi split package
  • Cross Tenant Workflow Node cause – Cross tenant PO issue
  • Improve layout of Find Dialog
  • Tickets peer review.
  • Support
  • Marketing committee participation

Carlos Ruiz

  • Save log informing Notice created when background job
  • PackIn AD_Image or AD_Archive leave corrupt record when using FileSystem storage provider
  • PackOut fails to export attachments with File storage provider
  • RUN_ImportIdempiere can call RUN_SyncDB and sign-database
  • update*.bat not included in windows installers
  • Cross tenant issue sending email with a System template
  • Search Dialog Columns are duplicated when table is present in multiple window tabs.
  • Wrong code in virtual columns broke IDEMPIERE-2356
  • The operator Dropdown entries for a foreign ID column is corrupted when a search preset is loaded in any window’s Advanced Search tab.
  • Improve timeout handling of window tab
  • Problems with Language Management in PO
  • Search by special field types failing
  • NPE when running Change base language with a fake language (as instructed)
  • Plugin Manager improvement
  • AD_ProcessPara.DisplayLogic is not accepting Value_ID.ForeignColumn@ notation
  • Cross tenant issues with context help
  • idempiere service scripts still generating myEnvironment.sav as root
  • Improvements for Setup programs
  • Lead window -> NPE GridFieldVO.loadLookupInfo: No LookupInfo for BP_Location_ID
  • Encrypt passwords on properties files (FHCA-1982)
  • Cash POS Sales Order is leaving wrong BP balance
  • Tickets Peer Review
  • Support
  • Test servers maintenance
  • Triage servers creation

Do you think you should have been added to this list? Please tell us why on the marketing forums or Mattermost channel. Want to be included in the next “Month in iDempiere” post? Get involved with the project.