September 2020 in iDempiere

September 2020 was a great month in the iDempiere project! There were many contributions from our supportive community. Here we highlight those contributions that were outstanding.

Big thanks to the community, the forums support keeps being active, the community is engaging every day more to assist those who have doubts.

For a complete list and suggest contributions you can refer to this spreadsheet. There you can see the contributions of each month and suggest ones that we might have missed.

Core contributions

  • Deepak Pansheriya
    • Adding ‘Relative Period To’ on financial report column which allow to specify period range to produce YoY. QoQ like comparision report.
    • Support for Under/Over line and Blank line in finacial report line.
    • Adding Attribute Set Type to use attribute set for different purpose
  • Diego Ruiz
    • Reposition default toolbar buttons
  • Elaine Tan
    • Wrong GL postings for matched invoice in RMA/Vendor Return/Credit Memo
    • Wrong matched invoice GL posting (currency balancing)
  • Hiep LeQuy
    • Date is subtracted by 1 day in certain cases
  • Igor Pojzl
    • Change Locator Dialog TableDirect
    • Info Window Performance
    • Window Customisation has not implemented caching
    • Fix NPE when locatorField is Empty
  • Martin Schönbeck
    • When recalculating price on price list generation all T_Selection entries are used independently of AD_PInstance_ID
  • Murilo Habermann
    • Global search element ID
    • Tables missing EntityType column
  • Nicolas Micoud
    • User suggestions for field/context help : check permission
  • Patric Massing
    • Pass the current value of numberbox to the textfield of calculator
  • Paul Bowden
    • IDEMPIERE-4462
  • Ricardo Santana
    • Extend features for Window Customization

Plugin development

Forum and Mattermost support

  • Andres Lopez
  • Anozi Mada
  • Chuck Boecking
  • Cesar
  • Deepak Pansheriya
  • Diego Ruiz
  • Focuszaa Funz
  • Gaurav Sonntake
  • Hiep LeQuy
  • Jesus Castillo
  • Leszek Bober
  • Luis Amesty
  • Marco Longo
  • Muhammad Rizwan Anwar
  • Nicolas Micoud
  • Orlando Curieles
  • Rhonald Enrique Rodriguez Maita
  • Steven Sacket

Content contributions

  • Diego Ruiz
    • Website content creation.

Marketing Committee Participation

  • Carlos Ruiz
  • Chuck Boecking
  • Diego Ruiz
  • Eugene Barg

Money donors

  • Eugene Barg – Palich LLC
  • Norbert Bede – Cloudempiere
  • Hideaki Hagiwara
  • Murilo Habermann
  • Phil Barnett – BlindMotion.
  • Fernando Saavedra –

Carlos Ruiz and Heng Sin Low were not contestants for the Hero of the month contest due to the great disparity between their continuous contributions and the other community members. They are always the heroes of iDempiere. Among their contributions in this month are:

Heng Sin Low

  • Fix auto matching for matchpo and matchinv
  • Executions.schedule should be executed asynchronously
  • Fixed issue with cache being not thread safe
  • Tickets peer review.
  • Support

Carlos Ruiz

  • NPE in DocAllocationHdr
  • Add offset to Query
  • FreeBSD find utility requires a target directory in postgresql/
  • More shellcheck
  • Implement filter for SQL debug – unify oracle and postgresql variable
  • Implement Support for JUnit5 Unit Testing
  • Automatic calculation of freight charges
  • More fixes to the SyncDB command
  • ORACLE – Update datatype NVARCHAR2 to VARCHAR2
  • Cannot update user info in WebStore
  • Window Toolbar attached processes do not validate role access
  • Tickets Peer Review
  • Support

Do you think you should have been added to this list? Please tell us why on the marketing forums or Mattermost channel. Want to be included in the next “Month in iDempiere” post? Get involved with the project.