May 2020 in iDempiere

May 2020 was an amazing month in the iDempiere project! There were many contributions from our supportive community. Here we highlight those contributions that were outstanding.

This month was particularly special because we held our first community Triage Day! Special thanks to the marketing committee for organizing this event and to Andres Lopez for being the Hero of the triage day.

Big thanks to the community, the participation in the forums this month was much higher than in previous months, the community is engaging every day more to assist those who have doubts.

For a complete list and suggest contributions you can refer to this spreadsheet. There you can see the contributions of each month and suggest ones that we might have missed.

Content contributions:

  • Diego Ruiz
    • Website content creation
    • Triage day material and documentation.
  • Edwin Ang
    • Official logo creative commons license registration.
  • Eugene Barg
    • Testimonial guidelines and documentation.
  • Vanessa Castro
    • Triage day promoting content and social media management.

Core contributions:

  • Deepak Pansheriya
    • Removing open quick form tracking from sessionManager, Adding support for tool tip translation.
    • Extend the usage of the new MReportView to other places where is suggested as best practice.
  • Diego Ruiz
    • Error message not translated in Validate Business Partner.
    • QuickInfo showing the wrong orders by default on Generate PO from Sales Order.
    • Added the missing buttons start/end page on detail tab.
    • Improvements on saved queries.
  • Hideaki Hagiwara
    • Excel that download from Info Window is displayed ID Number
    • Improve CSV Import file Loader validaFile mthod to specify be charset
  • Hiep LeQuy
    • Process dialog: deduce refresh tab when run a process.
    • Support update jdk (jdk 12 13 14)
  • Nicolas Micoud
    • Fix typo in ProcessOK message.
    • Add GW_Sample_WebServices in default seed.
    • Right click / New/Update not visible with duplicated windows.
    • Web Services improvements.
  • Patric Massing
    • ZK9 – Editor-Dialog: Not Allowed to set height and rows at the same time

Plugin development:

Testing and reporting issues:

  • Deepak Pansheriya
  • Florian Bojack
  • Hideaki Hagiwara
  • Martin Schönbeck
  • Michael Powacht
  • Nicolas Micoud

Forum and Mattermost support:

  • Alan Lescano
  • Alejandro Guerra
  • Andreas Sumerauer
  • Anozi Mada
  • Bilal Mujahid
  • Deepak Pansheriya
  • Diego Ruiz
  • Florian Boj
  • Gaurav Sontakke
  • Hiep LeQuy
  • Jesus Castillo
  • Luis Amesty
  • Marco Longo
  • Martin Schönbeck
  • Murilo Habermann
  • Nasi Chassoulas
  • Naw
  • Nicolas Micoud
  • Orlando Curieles
  • Paolo Formaro
  • Patric Massing
  • Pedro Rozo
  • Phil Barnett
  • Saurabh Pokhriyal
  • Shiju01
  • Victor Suarez

Money donors

  • Eugene Barg – Palich LLC
  • Fernando Saavedra – Comus Ecuador
  • Hideaki Hagiwara
  • Phil Barnett – BlindMotion.

Triaging tickets

  • Andres Lopéz
  • Anna Fadeeva
  • Anozi Mada
  • Anton Mostovenko
  • Deepak Pansheriya
  • Diego Ruiz
  • Layda Salas
  • Marco Longo
  • Martin Schönbeck
  • Muhammad Rizwan Anwar
  • Murilo Habermann
  • Nikita Polkovnikov
  • Thomas Bayen

Carlos Ruiz and Heng Sin Low were not contestants for the Hero of the month contest due to the great disparity between their continuous contributions and the other community members. They are always the heroes of iDempiere. Among their contributions in this month are:

  • Heng Sin Low
    • Platform Refresh for 7.1z
    • Clean up org.adempiere.extend
    • Error log at console for first run of Jasper Report
    • Remove
    • Remove hard coded modal dialog height
    • Move example projects to idempiere-examples repository
    • Remove obsolete projects -> Remove obsolete org.slf4j.jdk14 and org.idempiere.hazelcast.service.config project.
    • Update zk to release
    • Sizing error for Info Window and Error message popup
    • Implement Support for JUnit5 Unit Testing
    • Upgrade org.netbeans.api:org-netbeans-api-visual to RELEASE113
    • Performance: Report checking for zoom condition on database – must be cached
    • QueryTest.testOnlySelection fail on fresh db
    • Generate Shipments is generating partial for complete orders – Add unit testing
    • Performance: Constant visits to database for MTable not cached
    • DashboardPanel subclass should not cache Env Ctx
    • Autocomplete for field type “Search”
    • Implement cache for list reference at MLookupFactory
    • Implement cache for MAccount(C_ValidCombination)
    • Quick Entry always retrieve all fields from db
    • Peer review tickets from community.
    • Marketing Committee meetings
    • Forums support.
    • Mattermost support.
    • Ticket triaging.
  • Carlos Ruiz
    • Payment could not be committed due to wrong invoice date #resolve #comment Fixed trx issue
    • Centralized ID not working with native sequence enabled
    • Some bugs found while testing 2Pack / solves 32 errors in dictionary columns
    • Generate Shipments is generating partial for complete orders
    • Cannot install wildcard certificate
    • Improve test data. Not Advanced Role
    • Improve Schedule discovery
    • Improve method to add comment to log script
    • Replace MSysConfig.getDouble with getBigDecimal
    • Marketing Committee meetings
    • Wiki maintenance
    • Devops (jenkins, wiki, test servers, triage day servers)
    • Forums support
    • Mattermost support
    • Ticket triaging.

Do you think you should have been added to this list? Please tell us why on the marketing forums or Mattermost channel. Want to be included in the next “Month in iDempiere” post? Get involved with the project.