RECOMMENDED! Daily v11 Synergy (stable and maintained):

Daily Installers development version – this is compiled from default branch, sometimes unstable:

Archived Versions

This is an archive of every release we’ve done that we have a record of. For production or tests please use the versions above.

Release v10 Peace Installers 2022-12-24:

Release v9 Horizon Installers 2021-12-24:

Release v8.2 Phong Installers 2020-12-20:

Release v8.1 RC Installers 2020-11-03:

Release v7.1 Installers 2019-11-22:

Release v6.2 Installers 2019-01-06:

Release v6.1 Installers 2018-11-04:

Release v5.1 Installers 2017-10-31:

Release v4.1 Installers 2016-10-31:

Release v3.1 Maitreyi Installers 2015-10-31:

Daily v2.1

Release v2.1 Installers 2014-10-31:

v2.0 (alpha) Installers 2013-10-31:

v1.0c Installers (Devina LTS Release) 2013-06-27:

v1.0b Installers (Devina Release) 2013-04-24:

v1.0a Installers (Halloween Release) 2012-10-31: