iDempiere in the “Real” World

A distribution company in Scotland. A beverage dealer in Germany. A media/telecommunications firm in the USA. A health care provider in Australia. A shipping company in India. A manufacturing firm in the Philippines. These companies have something in common.

If you’re new to our community site and are currently exploring iDempiere as your system, I’d like to invite you to visit the Showcase page of the site as soon as you finish reading this!   You will see a  few real-world examples of iDempiere. This will give you a feel of how the system is used.    

Whether you are exploring the system for your company or thinking of implementing iDempiere,  I’d like you to watch the Palich video as your starting point to the world of iDempiere Open Source ERP.  I may be biased as I’ve worked in a food manufacturing firm but, I am impressed by the real world iDempiere implementation of Palich.   I’ve watched Palich’s video more than a few times.  The four minute video discusses many technical concepts that have helped their operations – ETL/API integration, multi-users,  workflow, requests, schedulers etc. 

If you are a technical person, then these are probably concepts you’re familiar with.  If you are a technical person looking for an open source solution for your company then, this is a video that you can show the decision maker.  If you are the decision maker, then the video points out what iDempiere can do for your company i.e. it has “100 invisible helpers with no salary”.  iDempiere is a serious enterprise package that can be used by as many as 500 employees with no licensing cost restrictions.   As the video points out, “iDempiere is truly open source; no part of the system is locked. We have access to all functionalities developed within the community and all code is open”.

The wheels in my mind are turning! I’m already imagining process improvements and computing business owner savings. Whether your client or company has a staff of 5, 10, 50 or 500, it will take time to implement the system.  However, it doesn’t need to break your bank account.  

Useful Link: for the different iDempiere showcases and a link to a discussion on real-world users