March 2020 in iDempiere

March 2020 was an active month in the iDempiere project! There were many contributions from our supportive community. Here we highlight those contributions that were outstanding and at the end, we invite you to vote for the March 2020 hero of the month. 

For a complete list and suggest contributions you can refer to this spreadsheet. There you can see the contributions of each month and suggest ones that we might have missed.

Content contributions:

Core contributions:


  • Murilo Habermann
    • This month Murilo upgraded the Mattermost server and fixed an issue which allow us now to link JIRA tickets directly on the channels.



Forum support:

  • Ricardo Santana
  • Martin Schönbeck
  • StabilisOne
  • PatricMassing
  • Marco Longo
  • Diego Ruiz
  • Mohamed Dernoun


  • Ferry Irawan for his translation in bahasa (Indonesia).

Additionally, we would like to mention that in March we got four money donors. Moreover, we would like to recognize here those persons and organizations which sponsored community members to contribute to the project:

  • Palich 
  • FH 
  • Michael Powatch
  • BX Service GmbH
  • Chuck Boecking

This month you can vote for the hero of the month here:

Carlos Ruiz and Heng Sin Low were not contestants for the Hero of the month contest due to the great disparity between their continuous contributions and the other community members. They are always the heroes of iDempiere. Among their contributions in this month are:

  • Heng Sin Low
    • Make PostgreSQL support native
    • Core maintenance
    • Peer review and integration from community tickets
    • Performance improvements
    • Project cleanup
    • Forums support
    • Mattermost support
  • Carlos Ruiz
    • Peer review tickets from community
    • Process to migrate storage provider 
    • Core maintenance
    • Marketing Committee meetings
    • Wiki maintenance
    • Devops (jenkins, wiki, test servers)
    • Forums support
    • Mattermost support

Do you think you should have been added to this list? Please tell us why on the marketing forums or Mattermost channel. Want to be included in the next “Month in iDempiere” post? Get involved with the project.