Download iDempiere

Here you can download the installers for iDempiere, you can find a detailed installation guide in Installing iDempiere, please note the guide is written for Ubuntu/PostgreSQL, but is easy to follow the same guide for other operating systems like Windows, just changing the related commands.

If you're looking for the sources please refer to the Source Code page, you can find developer instructions also in the Installing iDempiere guide.


Daily v7.1 (maintained) - this is the same as the version 7.1 below plus all stability fixes applied:

Daily Installers development version - this is compiled from default branch, sometimes unstable:

Archive Versions

Release v7.1 Installers 2019-11-22:

Release v6.2 Installers 2019-01-06:

Release v6.1 Installers 2018-11-04:

Release v5.1 Installers 2017-10-31:

Release v4.1 Installers 2016-10-31:

Release v3.1 Maitreyi Installers 2015-10-31:

Daily v2.1

Release v2.1 Installers 2014-10-31:

v2.0 (alpha) Installers 2013-10-31:

v1.0c Installers (Devina LTS Release) 2013-06-27:

v1.0b Installers (Devina Release) 2013-04-24:

v1.0a Installers (Halloween Release) 2012-10-31: